How to Send Large Files via Email with WeTransfer (Video Tutorial)

by | Mar 25, 2015

Sending large files to clients, contractors or even friends and family can be a huge hassle. Do you send one file at a time? Do you use a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box?

I’ve used nearly every system possible, even having clients mail me a CD with photos for their website. is, BY FAR, the most simple solution I have come across to allow clients to easily send a bunch of files to me – very rarely, does a client need to send me any files larger than 2GB.

Even the most tech-unsavvy clients use WeTransfer with ease!

The process of sending large files with WeTransfer

The transfer process is very simple.

  1. Visit
  2. Upload the file or files you want to send
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address
  4. Enter your email address if you want a confirmation email
  5. Enter a note to the recipient, if you like
  6. Click “Transfer”

[bctt tweet=”Sending large files via email doesn’t have to be difficult! Watch this simple tutorial video”]

The file(s) will begin to upload. Once the file has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email. In this confirmation email, you will be provided with a link to download the file(s) and an expiration date. WeTransfer files are valid for 7 days.

Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email when the recipient downloads the file(s)!

There is one thing to note with WeTransfer – The URL created for the file download is random and very difficult to guess, however, the link is a public link that anyone (who possesses the link) can use to download the file(s). If your file(s) contains sensitive information, you may be better served with another file transfer service.

What is your favorite or the simplest method to send large files?


  1. Nice. I’ll have to check that out next time I need to send large files.

  2. My favourite service is MyAirBridge ( Totally for free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB.

  3. Nice. I just took a look at JustBeamIt. It looks really interesting. Of course, this assumes the person will download the file right away.

    • The link is valid for 10 minutes, so if the receiver isn’t online, they have 10 minutes to visit the link and start the transfer. But yes, a transfer requires both the sender and the receiver to be online at the same time, and keep their browser windows open throughout the transfer.

  4. I use JustBeamIt (, which takes the streaming approach to transferring files. Since transfers are streamed directly from the sender to the receiver, there are no limits on file size, or how many files you can transfer at once, and the data is never stored in a cloud. It’s free, doesn’t require an account, and extremely simple to use.

  5. Try also MyAirBridge ( It is great and easy to use service. For free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB.


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