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Our SUPER-PREMIUM SEO-centered Managed WordPress Hosting service is designed to give your WordPress website a boost in the Google search rankings.

Everything we do at Search Centered Digital Marketing starts with search engine optimization – that includes our top-of-the-line TRULY Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance service. Check out all the Managed WordPress Hosting features.

We're excited to work with you to grow your business!

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Managed WordPress Hosting FAQs & TOS

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms of Service

Why is your Managed WordPress Hosting service so expensive?

We don’t think it is. With all of the features of our Managed WordPress Hosting service, you are getting much more than simple hosting. Our lineup of Managed WordPress Hosting features goes above and beyond any other WordPress hosting service on the market today.

We’re MUCH more than a Managed WordPress Host – we are SEO pros who have developed a Managed WordPress Hosting service that will add benefit and value to your website in the search rankings

Why is there a setup fee for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is much more in-depth than any other WordPress hosting service on the market today.

When a new client signs up with us, we work individually with the client to transfer their website, setup DNS records and add MANY premium Managed WordPress Hosting features. These premium features come with a premium cost to us.

The setup fee helps us off-set the initial premium software costs that we incur with each new client.

If you pay for service at a year at a time, we are happy to waive the setup fee.

Will my Managed WordPress Hosting costs ever go up?

Maybe at some point, but not any time soon.

Just like any business in any industry, we have to stay competitive while our own costs rise.

That said, when you sign up for service, your rate is locked in for a minimum of 12 months and we will give you at least 3 months notice before raising any Managed WordPress Hosting rates.

How is your Managed WordPress Hosting better than the rest?

That’s easy. Our Managed WordPress Hosting is a truly “managed” service. That means a real human tests and makes updates to your website – not just a script that runs automatically to perform updates… and hopes nothing goes wrong.

Did you know – many “managed” WordPress Hosting companies don’t actually perform updates to your WordPress website at all? Their idea of Managed WordPress Hosting means they simply enhance their server environment for WordPress websites and do not allow non-WordPress websites on those specific web hosting servers.

Our service is MUCH more than hosting. In addition to WordPress optimized server environments, we pride ourselves in offering a SEO-centered Managed WordPress Hosting service with features designed to actually operate your WordPress website and help it out-perform competitors in Google search rankings.

What if my website "goes down" with your Managed WordPress Hosting service?

Downtime is simply part of owning a website. Even with 99.9% up-time – that still means an average of 1 minute per day of downtime. Any Managed WordPress Host who says they have a 100% up-time is simply lying.

Downtime is unfortunate, but it happens. If your website does go down, we are notified within 60 seconds and can begin trouble-shooting and repairing the issue – all at no additional cost to you. Most of the time, you won’t even notice a downtime at all.

We have to mention it, because there are some crazy people out there – we are not financially responsible for “lost revenue” or “lost exposure” or lost anything else if/when your website does experience a bit of downtime.

Do you offer SEO-centered web hosting for non-WordPress websites?

Yes. We offer a semi-DIY SEO-centred hosting solution for non-WordPress websites starting at $60/month. Schedule a call and let’s chat about your specific website hosting needs.

Will you add new pages, images and update content on my website for for me?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service does not include website content updates or stylistic updates for your website. 

That said, we do offer a special discount for our Managed WordPress Hosting clients to add on two hours of general service for a great discount. You can use these hours however you see fit – website content updates, SEO coaching, consulting & accountability, PPC ads management, social media management, email marketing, marketing automation & and more.

Just add this discounted service offering when you sign up for your Managed WordPress Hosting service.

Even if you don’t purchase our services at a discount right now, we are happy to perform any updates you need for your website at our regular hourly rates of $175


Why isn't your Managed WordPress Hosting setup process automated like many other companies?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is not designed to be an automated process – in fact we designed it to be exactly the opposite. We pride ourselves in managing each client’s website with a real-life human. 

As well, since our service is MUCH more than simple web hosting, there are many intricate WordPress hosting features, software and services that we integrate with every website on our Managed WordPress Hosting plan – it’s simply impossible to automate the majority of these valuable features.

What type of reports do I get each month with my Managed WordPress Hosting service?

None. Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is designed to be a completely hands-off service for you. We implement a ton of valuable WordPress hosting features and perform regular updates.

Let’s us worry about the functions of your website while you operate and grow your business.

If you or your boss is a stickler for boring reports that you’ll never read, we’re happy to create a monthly report for you outlining the individual tasks performed and the resources used. Due to the in-depth nature of the features of our Managed WordPress Hosting service, this report is created manually each month.

The cost for creating this report is $50/month when paying for Managed WordPress Hosting service month to month or $40/month when paying for service annualy. Just add it to your order when you sign up for service.

What do you get with Managed WordPress Hosting?

Our SEO-centered features TRULY make our Managed WordPress Hosting service much more than just an ordinary WordPress hosting service

No other Managed WordPress Hosting company includes all these amazing services & features

Super-Premium Servers

We purchase our servers from the quickest hosting company on the planet. A fast server and fast website loading is a key SEO ranking factor

WordPress Updates Made by a Human

We manually test and implement WordPress core, theme and plugin updates with a real person. We do not simply automatically push updates. We test, then implement

Complimentary Repair & Restoration

You break it. We fix it. We backup your website constantly. If you break your website or if it’s hacked, we fix it at no additional charge

Image Optimization & Compression

We reduce the file size of your images, while keeping the image’s high quality. Small image file sizes means a faster website and better user experience

Website Up-time Monitoring

We are notified within 60 seconds if your website goes down so we can troubleshoot and repair issues before you know even know there’s a problem

CDN Included & Setup

We include & setup the best content distribution network to speed up your website by bringing your content closer to your users. 

Firewall Included & setup

We setup a super-smart firewall for your website with smart filters and access rules designed to keep out website visitors who have malicious intent

Auto-scaling of Server Resources

Our servers are setup to auto-scale resources. This means we can keep our pricing consistent for all clients by automatically boosting performance and resources only when your website get a huge traffic spike ($10 per additional CPU or GB of RAM needed)

Database Optimization & Cleanup

Each month, we optimize your database to remove unused & “helper” data. As well, we delete spammy blog post comments. Optimizing your WordPress database helps your website run more quickly and smoothly

Proactive Malware Scanning & Repair

We continually monitor and scan your website for any signs of malware and/or security flaws in your WordPress website’s plugins and themes. We proactively repair or replace defective plugins & remove and block malware before damaging issues occur

Setup 3rd Party Email Service Provider

It’s always good practice to keep your email & website separate. We will setup your DNS and website with a third party email service provider of your choosing and help setup email clients to ensure all of your email is delivered accurately 

Enhanced Email Deliverability Setup

We setup DMARC, SPF, DKIM in your DNS to ensure your emails are being delivered and not ending up in the spam folder. These enhanced DNS settings add a level of security and trust with email inboxes

Pre-fetch & Pre-render Resources

We setup your website so it automatically loads the most important and most-used images and files before the visitor even needs them. This feature greatly speeds up the user’s experience

Broken Link & Missing Page Monitoring

We monitor your website for broken links and 404 page not found errors and proactively fix broken links by redirecting them to a valid relevant resource. As well, we redirect any traffic coming to a missing page on your site to a relevant working page


SSL Included & Setup

Not only do we include an SSL encryption with our service, but we also set it up completely for your website. Many managed WordPress host include a SSL, but dont fully set it up for you

Enhanced Website Caching

We setup the best premium WordPress caching plugin on the market. Caching helps your website load faster for users who have visited in the past or are currently embarking on a deep-dive through your website


Full Hosting Dashboard Access

Many Managed WordPress hosting companies do not give clients the ability to access their files, databases or to create email addresses. We don’t believe in limiting our clients with a super-permium service

Unlimited Hosting Resources & Storage

Many Managed WordPress hosting companies limit the amount of storage and/or number of website visitors you are allowed. We don’t believe in limiting our premium service clients

99.9% Uptime

This is pretty standard across the web hosting world. We just want to make sure you know we have the same standards – but as you see, our standards are actually much higher

Regular & Redundant Website Backups

Most Managed WordPress services perform website backups, but we constantly backup your website, so there’s never a worry of losing much data – if any at all – if you crash your website or it gets hacked

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