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What types services do you offer?

At Search Centered, our primary service offering is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We believe that every web design and digital marketing must start with SEO at the center. In addition, we offer website development, social media marketing & advertising, Google Ads, email marketing, fully integrated marketing automation strategies, YouTube marketing and more.  

What is your process like?

Our process varies depending upon the type of project. A few things that are true for all projects: we work directly with our clients to develop strategies together, together we determine what success looks like, what success looks like and how to measure success. This looks different for every business, industry and project. It’s important to create individualized plans and goals.

How long have you been "doing this?"

We’ve been “in the industry” since 2003. Search Centered owner, Travis Pflanz, started Web Works of Kansas City in 2003. With the internet growing, WebWorks of KC focused on helping mom & pops get online and compete with larger businesses. In 2019, Travis started Search Centered Digital Marketing after specializing in SEO for the previous 8 years.

What does your client agreement look like?

We believe in keeping it simple. Our client agreement is pretty basic and straight forward. Take a look here.

What are your rates?

We estimate costs on a project by project basis – our hourly rate is $125, and that’s what’s used as the base when creating project estimates. Most projects can also expect some additional costs, such as: premium software, domain registration, hosting or other SaaS involved with creating and managing the project. Generally, we ask for a 50% deposit for new projects.