Search Centered digital marketing strategies for your business to land customers actively searching for your products & services

Every project & strategy we develop starts with a focus on search engine optimization to ensure you are attracting the most engaged & qualified customers

SEO Centered Services


SEO Website Development

Website design & development with SEO at the center


SEO-driven Content Marketing

We create content strategies to attract customers & clients who are actively looking for your products & services


SEO WordPress Web Development

We have more than 12 years of SEO-centered WordPress development experience

SEO Web Hosting

Website hosting packages that aim at improving your website’s rankings in search engines

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At Search Centered it’s all about Search Engine Optimization

At Search Centered, we believe search engine optimization is the most long-term and cost-effective digital marketing strategy for every type of business and website.

When a business creates their website and digital marketing campaigns around SEO, they are guaranteeing their business will be successful many years into the future.


Our digital marketing philosophy is simple: Begin with the mindset and goal of attracting customers who are already interested in your products & services, then create great website content and supplement with ads and social media aimed at people who have already visited your website.

Years of SEO Experience

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SEO is the most cost-effective long-term digital marketing strategy your business can implement. A solid SEO strategy will keep producing results for years to come.

SEO Web Design

Today, a business’s website is arguably the most important asset in gaining and retaining clients. We start with SEO-focused website design to become the hub for all of your online marketing strategies

Data Driven SEO Content Marketing

Creating valuable, useful and relevant content on your website is the most important part of every single digital marketing strategy. We develop SEO content strategies to attract the potential customers who are actively looking for the products and services you offer. 

SEO Driven Social Media

We love social media as much as every other digital marketing company, however, we take a much different approach. As with everything we do at Search Centered, we start by focusing efforts at attracting customers who are looking for your products on social media & targeting ads at potential customers who have already found your website via search

WordPress SEO

WordPress is the most popular web development platform in the internet and we specialize in WordPress website development. Every website we build starts with a strong SEO strategy to make sure your business is setup up from day one

SEO Web Hosting

We offer a hosting plan for website owners that focus on important technical aspects of search engine optimization. Our hosting plan is super-fast, comes with a content distribution network, image compression, resource pre-loading and much more

SEO Pros for 12 Years

Search Centered is brand new, but the pros behind Search Centered Digital Marketing have been at this for a while. Travis Pflanz, of Search Centered, started Search Centered to offer super-niched digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes. Search Centered marketing projects operate under the umbrella philosophy that every single digital marketing strategy and project must start by targeting potential customers and clients who are actively looking for the services and products you offer. From there, we develop websites, content strategies and video & social media strategies to complement strong on-site SEO.

Client Testimonials

“If someone is looking for that unusual combination of graphic design + web design + site coding + SEO, Travis is THE guy I would send them to. He’s extremely knowledgeable on the technical stuff, but has really good artistic abilities.”


“On several occasions Travis was able to explain very complex SEO concepts in a simple way I could understand. It’s evident he keeps up with the constantly changing “rules” to be relevant online. If you’re a business that wants to compete with larger brands, I’m sure Travis can help you!”


“I am so grateful for the work that Travis has done. The website is wonderful, my visibility is way up in terms of SEO, and my business has already increased as a direct result. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Travis.”



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