How to give your advertising agency access to your Facebook ads manager

by | Feb 17, 2017

When your business begins advertising on Facebook, it is very common that you may need to give access to your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads Manager to a third party, such as your advertising/marketing agency.

At Search Centered Digital Marketing, we install the Facebook pixel on every client’s website, whether or not they plan to advertise on Facebook right away. The Facebook pixel is a snippet of code that is added to the website and allows businesses to measure, optimize and build custom audiences for Facebook advertising campaigns. The Facebook pixel allows business owners to target people who have visited specific pages on their website, visited their website from specific devices, and much more. Basically, the business will be WAY ahead if/when they decide to begin advertising on Facebook – if they install the Facebook pixel from the beginning.

To setup and install the Facebook pixel, Search Centered needs access to the client’s Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook business page. This article provides easy step-by-step instructions to grant and agency access to your Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook business page.

How to give a third party access to your Ads in Facebook

This step-by-step tutorial is best-fit for Facebook users who have never advertised their business on Facebook, or have only advertised by “boosting” a post on Facebook. If your business is more advanced in the Facebook advertising arena, this tutorial may not work for you.

1 – Log into your personal Facebook account

2 – Click the down arrow at the far right

3 – Click “Create Ads” (if yours looks different, shoot us an email)

How to create ads in facebook

Login to your personal Facebook account. Click the down arrow. Click “Create Ads.”

4 – After your Facebook Ads Manager has loaded, click the drop-down arrow at the top left

5 – Copy your Facebook Ads account number

How to find your facebook ads account number

Copy your Facebook Ads account number located at the top right of the Ads Manager

6 – Send your Facebook Ads Manager account number to your advertising agency

Your advertising agency can now send a request to manage your Facebook Ads Manager account. Once they have requested access to your account, you will get a notification on Facebook (and an email).

7 – Log into your personal Facebook account and click the “requested access to your ad account” notification. This will take you to your “Ad Account Settings.”

Facebook ads account access request

When an agency requests to manage your business’s ads, you will get a notification in your personal Facebook account

You will also receive an email with a link to your “Ad Account Settings.”

8 – Click “Account Roles”

9 – Click “Respond to Request”

How to approve a request to manage facebook ads account

After you click on the notification, select “Account Roles,” then click “Respond to Request”

10 – Click the “Give access to my AdAccount” button

Give access to an agency to manage your facebook ads account

Access has now been granted

Your advertising agency now has access to manage your Facebook AdAccount.

Grant access for an agency to manage your business’s Facebook page

Your advertising agency will also need access to manage your business’s Facebook page. This process is much more simple than giving access to your Facebook AdAccount. Your advertising agency will simply request access to your business page, using your Facebook page’s URL.

You will get a notification on your personal Facebook account (and an email) to let you know your agency has requested access to manage your business’s Facebook page.

1 – Click the “requested access to your page” notification

Notification that an agency wants to manage your facebook page

When an agency requests access to manage your Facebook page, you will get a notification.

2 – Scroll down to “Pending Partner Requests” and click “Respond to Request” next to your ad agency’s name

How to approve an agency to manage your facebook business page

You must manually approve an agency before they can manage your Facebook page.

3 – Click the “Give access to my Page” button

Verify that you want to give an agency access to manage your facebook page

Confirm that you want to give your agency access to manage your Facebook page

4 – Click the “Approve Request” button

Make sure you want to give your agency access to manage your facebook page

Facebook asks one more time – do you want to give access of THIS specific page to THAT specific agency?

5 – Finally, enter your Facebook password to verify your identity, then click “Submit”

Verify your identity to give your agency access to your facebook page

Verify your personal identity to finally grant access of your Facebook page.

Facebook AdAccount and Facebook page access granted

You have now granted access to allow your advertising agency to manage your Facebook ads and Facebook business page. Your agency can now create a Facebook pixel for your website and begin to manage ads for your business. As well, your agency can manage your Facebook business page by posting updates, replying to comments and every other aspect of Facebook social media management.

Do your Facebook account details look different than the steps above?

If your Facebook profile and/or steps are different than the steps outlined above, there is a good chance that you have previously added your Facebook business page to the Facebook Business Manager. If you are a Search Centered client, send us an email and we will walk you through the process to grant us access to your AdAccount.

If you are not a Search Centered client, please contact your ad agency and ask them for direction.


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