With more than 90% of consumers researching businesses, products, and services online before ever contacting or visiting a business in real life or making a purchase online – positive public business reviews are extremely important for every small business. Get more 5-star reviews on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, so I’ll be using both in this this article) by creating a direct review link and ask customers for a great review.

(You can skip reading this long tutorial and pay us to create the Google Review link for your business if you prefer. Only $50!)

How to get more 5 star reviews on google business profile by giving customers a link to the review box

How do you get reviews on Google Business Profile?

While it is not feasible for every business to directly contact each individual customer and client to ask for a review, those businesses who can – should! And more than asking for a review, businesses should send a direct link to the actual review form to make it super simple for customers to review the business on your Google Business Profile page, especially for businesses who serve local customers.

After completing a project at Search Centered, we send a simple thank you follow-up email to clients. After thanking new clients, we wrap up the email by asking for a review on our Google My Business listing.

With this request, we send a direct link URL to the form for them to leave a review – https://www.searchcentered.com/review

As you see (if you click), this URL automatically loads the Google Business Profile review form so clients can easily leave their review of Search Centered. This direct link means there is no searching, no frustration, and no abandonment of the review mid-process once the client starts to leave a review.

The only thing for the customer to do is click a star and write a few sentences telling the world how great your products, services, and company has treated them.

Make it easy for clients to review your business on your google business profile

Google Business Profile review box with star rating and comment box. Note – to leave a review, users must login with a Google account

At Search Centered, we focus on Google Business Profile reviews for our business and for our clients’ businesses because… Well, Google rules the internet, right? Sure, reviews on other websites are nice, but Google is where it’s at! Not to mention, reviews on your Google Business Profile listing will help boost your results in Google search results – general search results, the Google “3-pack,” and on Google Maps.

More than 86% of all internet searches are done through Google and when a potential customer searches for your business with Google, the average rating of your reviews on Google Business Profile are displayed on the results page with a link for the searcher to read all of your Google Business Profile reviews.

Google reviews and reviews link are displayed in the knowledge graph

Business name, address, phone number, reviews and more information are displayed in the Knowledge Graph when users search for your business name.

Do reviews on Google Business Profile really make a difference?

Online reviews absolutely make a difference for a business, and Google Business Profile reviews are especially valuable for small local businesses. 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family members.

Research shows that 5 reviews is the “magic number” of Google Business Profile reviews. Once your business hits 5 reviews on Google, your business will likely start seeing benefits in organic search results, in the “Local Pack” of search results, and on Google Maps.

Google my business reviews boost organic and local search rankings

Google Business Profile reviews boost a business’s organic and local search rankings. NOTE – WebWorks of KC is our other brand. We recently rebranded, but we’re also keeping the well-established brand.

The third way Google Business Profile reviews are valuable is because a user must have a Google account to leave a review.

When an online review it attached to an actual account with a logged-in user, it is more likely to be a legitimate review from a real person, not a fake review created by the business owner to make their business look good.

If your customer wants to remain anonymous, move on to the next customer for a Google review. Don’t spend too much time trying to convince a customer to create an account or to use their real name. Ask that customer to leave your business a review on your business’s Facebook page or email you a testimonial you can add on your website, instead.

How to create a direct URL to the Google Business Profile review box

  1. Claim your Google Business Profile – Since rebranding to Google Business Profile, Google has made it easier to claim your business if you have not done so already. Search for the name of your business in Google and you will be presented with the option to verify your profile or resolve issues with an already-claimed profile. This can also be done from your profile in the Google Maps app, or by entering the keyword “my business” in the search bar. You can also visit https://www.google.com/business/
  2. Click “Get More Reviews” on your profile – You can do this from the Google search, from your profile on Google Maps, or within your Google Business Profile Manager – https://business.google.com/
  3. This will give you a review link directly to the Google review box. This is our link – https://g.page/r/CcMVStToyDSpEAI/review

Now you have your Google Business Profile review link, ready to share with you customers.

But, it’s ugly! As mentioned above, we link to create a professional looking review link using this ugle Google review link. Our link actually looks like this – https://www.searchcentered.com/review – Click the link to see it in action (Leave a rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and write a short review if you learned something today!)

Create a professional shortlink for your Google review link

A personalized and professional URL with your own domain name adds legitimacy to the link you send to your clients. It’s also easier to remember when you’re sending a text or email asking for a review.

As you saw above, our professional Google review link – https://www.searchcentered.com/review – redirects to the ugly Google review URL and opens the Google review.

Create a redirection in your website’s .htaccess file

You can create this redirection in the .htaccess file of your web host. The .htaccess file is in the root of your website. You can usually access it through your hosting control panel (or cPanel) or via FTP.

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In your .htaccess file, add the redirection in the format below on a single line.

Redirect 301 /review https://g.page/r/CcMVStToyDSpEAI/review

  • 301 – Tells servers this is a “permanent” redirection (don’t worry, you can always change it, that’s just geek-speak, it doesn’t actually mean permanent)
  • /review – means this is the part of the URL after your domain name that will be redirected
  • Then the URL where the redirection will take the visitor. Make sure to include a space before this URL

Many web hosts have redirection options in the dashboard or settings

Check your specific web host or website platform, many web hosts have a 301 redirection tool built in.

Create a simple 301 redirection in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular web development platform on the internet. WordPress powers 43% of all websites.

I like the Simple Page Redirect plugin for new or novice users.

  1. Install Simple Page Redirect
  2. Create a page in your WordPress dashboard and call it “Review”
  3. Enter your Google review URL in the “Simple Redirect to:” box
    Simple redirect to wordpress plugin
  4. Click “Publish”
  5. Make sure the WordPress slug is review for this page after it has published. If the slug is review-2, or something similar, this means you have another page that already has the slug review. Go to that page and put your Google review URL in that page instead
    Wordpress page title edit slug

I like this method because it helps website owners visualize the page (even though it doesn’t exist) and you can easily change it later – you don’t have to try to remember where you performed the redirection. The Review page is simply a page on your website that has been redirected elsewhere.

If you need help, you can pay us to create this professional review URL for you.

Crafting an email or message to your customer asking for a review

Now that you’ve done all the hard work: get the customer, make the customer happy, created a tool to help you get the review, there’s only one thing left. Ask for the review. My advice when asking for a review – keep it short and sweet. You’ve already made the customer happy – you don’t want to turn that all around by annoying them now.

Our Search Centered Digital Marketing Thank You emails are very simple:

Hi John Doe,

It was a pleasure working on your project!

Would you mind taking a moment to leave Search Centered a short and honest review on our Google Business Profile listing?

Leave your review here – https://www.searchcentered.com/review

Thank you,

Travis Pflanz

Encourage customers to add relevant keywords to their review

Instead of asking for a generic review from your customers, give them some hints to encourage them to add some of your business service and/or product keywords into their Google review.

Try to spice it up with a bit more, like:

Hi John Doe,

It was a pleasure working on your project!

Would you mind taking a moment to leave Search Centered a short and honest review on our Google Business Profile listing?

The more detail you can provide, the better, but we would love a short straight-to-the-point review if that’s more of your style.

Do you need inspiration for writing your review?

The best reviews include lots of detail and tips for other people who may be considering our services. Here are a few topics to give you ideas when writing your review:

• Which services did we provide for you?
• At which location did you get service? (if you have multiple locations)
• What do you like about working with us?
• Have you used other products or services we offer?
• Did you work with a specific person who deserves kudos?
• How do our services compare to similar services you’ve used with other companies?
• Do you have any tips to offer others who use our services in the future?

Leave your review here – https://www.searchcentered.com/review

Thank you,

Travis Pflanz

Ask for a review via text message

Another tactic we use is to simply text the link to the client. Of course this takes a little more finesse, but if you regularly text with clients, this method is an even quicker way to get that review.

We keep the text message super-simple and keep it under 160 characters, in one message:

Thanks for working with Search Centered! Will you please take 1 minute to review us on Google? → https://searchcentered.com/review Simple reviews are good, detailed reviews are GREAT 😀

Do you need a Google account to leave a Google review?

As mentioned above, and shown in the step-by-step screenshots above, your client must have a Google account of one type or another to leave a review of your business on Google My Business. Google’s goal is to be as accurate as possible. Allowing anonymous reviews does not promote accuracy, and allows for misuse of the Google Business Profile review system. Your customer will always have to be logged in to Google to leave a review of a business on Google My Business.

If that’s a problem for you or your customer, maybe your customer has a Facebook account, ask your customer to review your business on Facebook instead.

If nothing else, ask you customer to email you a testimonial that you can display on your website.

At Search Centered Digital Marketing, most of our clients come to us needing a new website, needing search engine optimization (SEO) for their existing website or needing one of the other various digital marketing services we offer. With every new client, we ask if the client has a Google account, any type of Google account – Android, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google Business Profile, Analytics, Search Console, Voice, AdWords, Blogger, AdSense, etc – Many times clients are unaware all these websites and services are Google. Any of these accounts will work when leaving a Google Business Profile review.

If a client does not have a Google account, we walk them through the process or create the account for them.

We always integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console into a client’s website – Both Google websites. Both requiring a Google account. As well, we create a Google Business Profile listing for their business or website… Again requiring a Google account.

Sure, this method works well for a web design or digital marketing company, but what about other industries? Consider including a hint or note at the end of your thank you email, something to the effect of – “Did you know Android, YouTube and Gmail are all Google accounts?”

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Gmail is the most used free email service on the internet, more than half of all cell phones in the United States are Android, and YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the entire internet. There’s a very good chance your customer already has one of these accounts.

Now you know the keys to getting more Google reviews, go out and get those ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

Stop hoping customers will leave reviews. Start asking for reviews and top it off by making it even more simple for customers to review your business by giving a direct link to the review form.

Note: This article was originally published on July 29, 2014 and is regularly updated to keep the information fresh.

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