YouTube SEO Services

YouTube has more than 30 million unique visitors daily. Users watch 5 billion videos every single day, making YouTube the world’s second largest search engine.

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YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO gets your videos found in search results, increases the time viewers are on your channel watching your videos and turns viewers into paying customers

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YouTube Video Creation

We create YouTube videos that are relevant to your business and potential customers. Our YouTube marketing strategies are designed to convert viewers into customers.

YouTube SEO is more than Video Views

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

At Search Centered Digital Marketing, our professionals have been search engine optimization pros since 2007.

YouTube SEO is ore than just the number of views on your video. Youtube’s search algorithms are very advanced, but they still need help in understanding the content, target and purpose of your YouTube videos.

No matter how beautiful your videos are or how great the info you provide in your videos, if YouTube users aren’t clicking on them, your video’s search rankings will never improve No matter how great your videos are, if people aren’t clicking on them, you’ll never improve your keyword rankings.


Our YouTube SEO pros develop strategies essential to boosting your videos’ click through rate (CTR), including: the right keywords for your video’s title, competition strategy research, creating engaging video thumbnails, and more.

Of course, “discoverability” is at the heart of any YouTube SEO strategy. We develop custom, keyword-rich video descriptions for context and to provide additional relevant info to the viewer, conduct keyword and tag research on a video-by-video basis, and identify competitors’ keywords and tags to have your videos appears as suggested videos when someone watches theirs. 

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Our YouTube SEO Services


YouTube  SEO services to get your business’s videos found by potential customers who are actively searching for your products and services

Search engine optimization centered YouTube video SEO coupled with strategic video creation, video keyword research and competition research, SEO video description and SEO video tags, and re-targeting potential customers who are already familiar with your brand through your website from their previous Google, Bing and Yahoo! searches

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YouTube SEO F.A.Q.

We’ve been search engine optimization pros since 2007. Our YouTube SEO services focus on increasing a brands search visibility on YouTube, but more specifically, we focus on SEO strategies that will turn video viewers into paying customers

How much do YouTube SEO services cost?

Our YouTube SEO service prices vary from client to client. Some factors that influence pricing are: quality of and number of existing videos on your YouTube channel and competitiveness of industry and video topics & subjects. We believe the ideal place to start with YouTube SEO is $500+/month for a minimum of six months. That said, we offer beginner consulting packages starting at $1000 for a one time fee.

How long does it take for YouTube SEO to "work?"

Most of our YouTube SEO clients see results right away. This is because most businesses and YouTube conent creators put very little or no SEO strategy into their videos. Our YouTube SEO strategies will give your YouTube channel a boost right away, leading to more viewers, a longer watch-time from you viewers and more customers as a result of your YouTube videos

Do you guarantee #1 search results rankings with your YouTube SEO service?

No. It is impossible to guarantee a YouTube video or channel will rank #1 for any given SEO keyword or phrase. The goal with YouTube SEO is to rank your videos for dozens or for 100s keywords to improve the overall traffic, viewers and watch-time on your YouTube channel – then convert viewers into customers. Be very weary of any company who “guarantees” #1 search rankings. Most likely, they are practicing black hat or unethical SEO techniques