WordPress Basic Troubleshooting and Resources

by | Feb 26, 2015

This slideshow presentation was created for the WordPressKC Meetup group for the February 2015 meeting. NOTE: All links in the slideshow are clickable.

Basic WordPress Troubleshooting

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Assumptions for this presentation

  • A WordPress website is already Installed
  • This website is a self-hosted WordPress installation (.org), not a WordPress.com website
  • You know how to access your file structure, whether through your web host or FTP

Is your WordPress site backed up?

The best way to protect yourself from ANY WordPress problem is to backup your website regularly

How often should you backup?

  • More often than you post new content
  • Before any updates

How many backups should you keep?

  • The more the better (My business websites: 10 daily, 10 weekly, 6 monthly)

My favorite backup plugin

How do I install that WordPress plugin!?

Error establishing database connection on WordPress


  • wp-config.php configuration error
  • Web host problems/exhausted resources
  • Your site has been hacked


WordPress website is broken after plugin update

Likely Plugin Conflict

  • Don’t assume the problem is with the plugin you just updated. Bad code in a previously used plugin may be causing the problem
  • Go through plugins one-by-one, deactivating them and checking to see if the problem still exists
  • If you have a solid “white screen of death” on your homepage and your admin dashboard, you will need to do this process via file manager or FTP
  • xGen Plugin Date Information plugin – Gives plugin info: plugin last update, installed date, activated date, deactivated date

The connection has timed out on a WordPress website


  • Resource hogging plugins
  • Theme/plugin errors
  • Exhausted PHP memory limit


I think my WordPress website has been hacked

Reasons to think your WordPress site has been hacked

  • The browser displays a big notice
  • Your site continually experiences errors
  • You get bounce-back undeliverable emails you don’t remember sending
  • Your site is loading super-slow
  • Your site has content you don’t remember adding

How to recover from a hacked WordPress website

  • Scan your site with Sucuri Sitecheck to see if site really does have malware
  • Remember that backup thing? Now’s the time to pull out the archive
  • Sucuri Security plugin has hacking recovery and hardening features
  • iThemes Security plugin has hardening features

My WordPress website is slow

Causes for a slow WordPress website – not already discussed above

Solutions to speed up your WordPress website

Resources to help-out along your WordPress journey

The WordPress Must-use Basic Resources

  • WordPress codex
  • WordPress.org support forums (plugin/theme specific support forum) – Talk to the developer
  • Plugin and theme developers’ websites – If the developer doesn’t respond on the support forum, send them an email

The best online WordPress training and tutorials

Communities for Beginner WordPress Users

Communities for more Advanced WordPress Users

My Favorite WordPress Blogs and WordPress Mailing Lists

Just a Few of My Favorites WordPress Problems and Resources

Of course, there are a lot more common WordPress problems every WordPress newcomer will experience and a TON more great WordPress training and tutorial resources

Share Your WordPress Favorites

Please share any other basic problems (with solutions) and great resources you know in the comments below.


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