This slideshow presentation was created for the WordPress KC Meetup for June 25th, 2015. Presented by Travis Pflanz.

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Below are a few additional tips and instructional articles and videos to expand on the topics covered in the slideshow.

Domain Name

3rd Party Mail Server

SSL Certificate

  • If your purchase a SSL certificate from, they provide installation instructions for each type of certificate. As well, they’re happy to help via live chat
  • When purchasing a SSL certificate from your hosting company, they usually install if for free

Dedicated IP Address

  • Your hosting company will set it up for you
  • You may experience a few minutes of downtime during the setup process

VPS Web Hosting

  • If you purchase from Hostek, just let them you want WHM installed on your server

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Search Centered Hosting

At Search Centered, we offer 1 hosting plan for $30/month. This hosting plan included unlimited amounts of the expected stuff, plus: dedicated SSL, dedicated IP, Mandrill mail server setup, and more.

View Search Centered Hosting

Tell us in the comments where you spend money on your website!

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