Sick of Twitter Trolls and Fake Accounts? Report them with Trolldor

by | May 19, 2014

Trolldor analyzes any Twitter account a user enters to check for spammy practices, such as an abnormally high amount of tweets containing links, a large number of followers whose primary language is not that of the account itself, a large number of followers with brand new accounts and much more.

The aim of Trolldor is to combat the defenselessness of Twitter users. We want to get across the need behavior on Twitter to be based on respect for users, to encourage a good social network environment.

We feel that the behavior of some Twitter users is part of the problem, which is why we’ve created Trolldor, a place where users themselves are the ones who can report other users that fail to respect everyone else.

Trolldor works like a blacklist of Trolls, and is open to any user in the world with a Twitter account.

Troll Seeking Twitter Metrics

  • Excessively high amount of retweets
  • Excessively high amount of tweets with links
  • Very high average number of daily tweets
  • Very new account
  • Followers with the same language – A normal percentage should be above 80%
  • Followers of <30 followers – A normal percentage should not be above 35%
  • Mentions – A normal percentage should not be above 60%
  • Followers of <10 tweets – A normal percentage should not be above 35%
  • Follower with accounts <30 days – A normal percentage should not be above 30%

The biggest advantage of using Trolldor, in my opinion, is to to report other Twitter users, but instead to find out if you are engaging in spammy or troll-like Twitter practices yourself.

With the Trolldor metrics, recognize situations where your business account may seem a bit spammy and improve your Twitter practices to stop annoying your follower, potential followers and customers.


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