Kansas City Logo Design

A high-quality logo is the first step in creating a brand identity for your business, product, service or idea.

At Search Centered Digital Marketing, we aim to create a high-quality logo that will stand the test of time.

Kansas City Logo Design Process

  • Search Centered delivers three to four versions of your completed logo: Web, Color Print and Black & White Print, then if the final logo is not conducive to social media (ie., square), we will deliver an additional web version for social media. Depending upon the complexity/simplicity of the logo, the web logo and color print logo may be the same. In most cases, the color logo includes 2-3 flat colors, for a better print appearance and reduction of printing cost.
  • Search Centered  begins with a short interview with you (and anyone else you like) to get a basic idea of your business and preferences.
  • Search Centered will then create and provide three conceptual logoo design ideas (may be digital, drawn or sketched – additional concepts can be requested).
  • You will then select a logo design concept.
  • From the chosen logo design concept, Search Centered will create a professional digital version of your business logo.
  • Search Centered will then make up to three revisions to this logo concept, but will perform as many revisions as you like for additional fees.

Full service logo design starting at $600

Starting at $450, if you already have your logo concept with a rough draft

$200 discount with all web design packages