While building the website for the Peculiar Film Festival, we ran into an interesting situation:

The film festival listed each of the festival selections on their own page (a post actually) with film information, a few social links for the film and the film’s trailer.

Many of the films shown in this B-horror movie festival are also available to watch in their entirety online and others are available to purchase via digital download and/or DVD.

The festival wanted to update their website with the YouTube video of the complete film and the purchase information after the film had been shown during the festival.

The goal: to bring people to the festival, then reward filmmakers by offering fans the ability to purchase the film after they had viewed it at the festival.

The solution: Revisionary

Revisionary allows users to schedule an update/revision to publish at a future date/time. Admins can select the user level allowed to schedule revisions. As well, Revisionary has an option to send an email to editors and admins when a user schedules a post revision.

There is one slight issue with Revisionary – It has not been updated in over a year, so if you use the plugin, keep an eye on it to make sure it continues working as you periodically update WordPress.

As of now, Revisionary version 1.1.9 works with WordPress 3.5.1.


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