I’ve decided I am going to start writing short posts whenever I have to look up something internet, WordPress, HTML, CSS, etc. related.

Hopefully, the things I can’t remember how to do off the top of my head can eventually benefit someone else who stumbles upon the same question.

I will generally try to reword the content of my short blog post differently than the source of the information… Hopefully, a slight rewording will help someone else.

Here’s how to display a shortcode example in your WordPress blog post




Many WordPress plugins use shortcodes and use them in different ways. Simply add an additional open bracket ( [ ) before the start of the shortcode and and additional close bracket ( ] ) following the shortcode.

Maybe, you want to use a shortcode example in a blog post – as I wanted to do yesterday in How to display HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and more source codes in WordPress posts – So, I went searching for the answer… And now, I bring it to you.

Original from How do you escape shortcodes? 

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