How to Choose the Right Photo for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

by | Oct 13, 2014

PhotoFeeler – Discover which photos of yourself you should (or shouldn’t) be using online

PhotoFeeler allows users to get real-world feedback about the photos they used across their social media profiles.

Signup is quick and easy. Connect with Facebook or Linkedin or enter your name, email, and choose a password. Once you’ve created an account, add a photo in one of three categories – Business, Social or Dating (currently social and dating are in beta)

Once you’ve added a photo, you have two options to get votes on your photos – 1) get credits by voting on other people’s photos OR 2) if you’re impatient, you can buy credits. Basically, you have to buy credits and apply the credits to the photo you wish to have rated – each credit allows one person to vote on your photo – vote on photos of other people to get credits or purchase credits with real money. The more votes on each photo, the more precise of an accurate rating you receive.

With a Business photo, you enter the way you’re using the photo (Linkedin, professional profile on website, etc.), your job title and your specialty. With this information, along with your photo, users vote on your – Competence, Likability, and Influence

With a Social photo, users vote on your Confidence, whether you appear Authentic or not, and how Fun you appear.

On a Dating photo, users vote on how Smart you appear, Trustworthiness, and Attractiveness.

To Use or Not to Use – PhotoFeeler

As you likely guessed from the beginning of the post, I definitely recommend PhotoFeeler. PhotoFeeler gives users a quick, easy, and authentic method to get feedback about professional, social and dating profiles – from unbiased strangers.

One note of caution when using PhotoFeeler – Choose actual photos you are considering using on your profiles. Being a relatively new service, the user base is not huge, so if you play around too long getting ratings on faux photos, you will definitely run through all the photos of other PhotoFeeler users… Meaning you will need to purchase credits to continue.

Let me know your PhotoFeeler experiences in the comments below!


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