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What is your rate?

The Search Centered hourly rate is $175 for most services.

Our emergency/night/weekend/holiday rate is $437.50.

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Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit for all projects. The deposit is usually 40-50% of the project’s one-time fees, plus the cost of the first month of any monthly services.

For new clients who only need a task list completed on their website, we require a deposit of 5 hours (current hourly rate is $175). Of course, unused hours will remain on account until used.

What does your client agreement look like?

Our client agreement is simple and short. You can read our client agreement (and sign it now if you’re ready to work with us).

What if I need to cancel my project?

We hope it doesn’t come to it, but we understand that projects need to be cancelled mid-stream sometimes.

If you need to cancel your project, you forfeit all deposits paid to Search Centered and you may have a balance owed, depending upon the number of hours already completed on your project. Once any balance is paid, you will retain ownership of the work completed.

Recurring services may be cancelled prior to the upcoming bill processing date. Recurring services with a minimum length of service may be cancelled by paying a penalty equal to one service period.


What are the Search Centered nameservers?

The nameservers for your Search Centered web hosting account are:

  • ns1.c36876.sgvps.net
  • ns2.c36876.sgvps.net

Read more in-depth about setting up your domain to use Search Centered’s nameservers


How do I add a new user on my WordPress website?

It is very common to need to add another user to your WordPress website. In fact, we require administrator privileges when working on a client’s website.

Here is a short tutorial video to add a new user:

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