5 websites to keep you learning and improving your own website

by | Jun 9, 2011

Maintaining, updating and improving your website is a task often overlooked by many first-time, and even long-time, website owners. Operating a successful website can be a daunting and tiresome task, resulting with many website owners simply giving up after following a regiment of trial-and-error attempts.

As a website owner, do not give up before you even get started. Take some time to actually learn various strategies and techniques.

It may take valuable time to properly learn languages, software, techniques, methods and standards, but once you discover and properly develop a new skill, you will be excited to put it to use every time you find a chance.

Take a few minutes to look through a few of our favorites!

Websites to help you keep learning and improving your website

This is not a comprehensive list, but a simple list to get the new website owner going… In no particular order…


A premier website for learning nearly everything technology related… and much more! Lynda is a subscription service, but the $37.50 per month is well worth the money a website owner can save in paying a professional to update content on their website. $37.50 and 5 hours of your time… You will never again need to pay someone to update the content on your website.

To list a few, Lynda.com offers courses in WordPress, Joomla!, HTML, CSS, SEO, Photoshop, Resume writing, Project management, Animation, iPhone app development, Video game development and hundreds more topics, all with training exercise files and taught by industry leaders!


Another fantastic website to learn a variety of topics from web design, Photoshop/graphic design, audio, animation and more. tutsplus.com offers both free and subscription based articles. All Tuts+ content is very detailed and easy to follow.

At only $9 per month for a premium subscription, users can learn various topics with sample and training exercise files.

SEO Book

An industry leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO training. SEOBook.com offers tons of free articles, tools and advice for optimizing your website. SEO Book also offers a membership service with one-on-one training and SEO coaching.

W3 Schools

A fantastic website to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and much more. w3schools.com offers tutorials, examples, quizzes and certifications (for a small fee). w3schools.com is not as flashy and in-depth as Lynda and Tuts+, but the quizzes are fantastic to check that a new website owner is actually retaining information and is also a great reference to keep handy.


A web design community curated by Chris Coyier, a Lynda.com trainer. CSS-Tricks.com is a fantastic source of information and learning opportunities with written tutorials, videos, downloads, and code snippets to help you “cheat” a little with writing code.

Suggestions of other great website to keep you learning?

As mentioned previously, this is not a complete an in-depth list, simply a starting place for new website owners to help increase their knowledge and reduce their costs of updating their new websites.

What are some of your favorite internet related learning websites?


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